Empowering you to reach your potential

During several interviews and encounters with fellow short term rental managers, one fact emerged: no matter which country or the size of the property portfolio, we share the same regret. We wish we could do more, take on more properties under management, develop more services and more partnerships.


Ever felt held back and frustrated because you spend too much time on basic tasks?


You save precious time

No more tedious and repetitive tasks

You benefit from a robust solution that works for your specific needs without having to invest or maintain it 

You have access to a powerful collaborative platform for your team, guests and property management

You can finally accelerate your business development


Do you want to free up your time so that you can achieve more?


Your own connected app

Your long dreamed assistant 

Your short term rental operation center


 Try it and tell us.


Your Guests




Information & communications are organized, ready to be published. 



Your Team




Share easily the relevant information with your team, plan their workload, train them and more


Your Properties




Manage your properties with your processes, update the information in just a few clicks, share it